The Club

AA SymbolIt is important for A.A. members to understand the difference between the "club" and "group." The "club" is organized outside of A.A. and is a non-profit corporation. Think of it as the PROPERTY. The "group" is the collection of A.A. MEETINGS. The main tenants of this club are the Saddleback Valley Group of Alcoholics Anonymous and several Al-Anon groups. They comprise the approximately 50 meetings that meet at the Saddleback Valley Fellowship Center each week.

For a very good explanation of how clubs work in A.A., please visit A.A.'s New York General Service Office website and read the guidelines on "Clubs" by clicking here.

The current Board of Directors are: Chairman – Mark T,  Secretary – Marci G, Treasurer – Hal H, Al-Anon Member at large – Melissa A, Member at large – Mike, Alternate #1 - Pierre L.,  Alternate #2 – Kimberly.

The current Steering Committee Officers are: Chairman - Joe S, Co-Chair - Robert M, Secretary - Stephanie C, Treasurer - Connie S.

Click here to download a copy of the clubs by-laws

The Club has no full-time staff, but if you have a question not answered by this website you can send an email to (or Click Here) and a board member will help if possible.